I saw you today…

They said you had no heartbeat. I say they are listening with the wrong ears. I hear your heart beat. It beats in sync with mine. I know you’re going to be ok. You have to be. You’re my gift. My promise. I laid that negative test on the altar and then next one I took said you were in there. You have to be ok. I felt the presence of God over take my entire being when he confirmed your existence. I surrendered my will for you. I saw you today… they took my blood and poked and prodded. I saw you. They couldn’t tell me it was you because they don’t believe but I saw you today. My love. Just a little dot in the left top corner I saw you.

I will never forget this day. When you get big I will tell you that we, mommy and daddy and your village loved you before we knew your face. That we prayed for you when you were still a seed. That I talked to you while I drive and daddy prayed for you every morning before I left for work.

You’ll never have to question if you belong. I will remind you how I prayed like Hannah and read about the rules Sampson’s mother followed. I stayed in the faith zone and told God about how I needed you. We can ask what we will and I willed you.

Prove the doubters wrong. Pump blood from your heart. Grow. Stretch. Kick. Manifest in me. Today my love. You’ve already changed my world. You have a heartbeat. It beats in sync with mine.

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